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Welcome to SM Planning LLC

I am Sam the Life Insurance Agent, my mission is to help YOU understand how to build a Financial Foundation with 4 easy steps 

1. Budgeting

2. Savings & Debt Repayment strategies

3. How to build & maintain a Good Credit score

4. Risk management through

Life & Disability insurance 

SM Planning LLC helps to educate our clients on the importance of financial planning.

We work with people from all walks of life, helping them create a plan that is specific to their goals. Because financial planning is not a one size fits all, our individual plans are specifically created around the individual needs.  



Our Services 

Creating a Tailored Budget 

To help you maximize your spending power

 Proper Saving and Debt Strategies

To help you strategically plan out your goals

Credit Coaching

To teach you how to build & maintain your credit


Retirement Planning and Education Planning

Life Insurance/ Disability Insurance

"My Generation Will Help Close The Wealth Gap"
SM Planning LLC

Meet Sam

A Financial Coach that makes planning simple



Shakira "Sam" Moran, founder of SM Planning LLC, a financial education program that works with schools and churches, helping them to manage their finances to build a solid financial foundation, through virtual and in person workshops.

 Sam began her journey as a Life Insurance Agent, but noticed that clients needed help with the basics in finances. This led her to study to became a Certified Financial Planner, so that she can help people understand all areas of financial planning. 

Author, of Amazon bestseller "The 4-Step Guide to Building your Financial Foundation" Sam is on a mission to help educate and empower those within her community on the importance of financial planning.



Family with Tablet

The Journey Towards Financial Wholeness

Begins with a


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#1 Bestseller

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