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SM Planning LLC is a Financial Coaching Practice that helps single moms build a solid financial foundation. As a single mom, I know how difficult it can be to manage your finances, which is why my company offers single moms a comprehensive plan to help them understand how to plan and manage their finances, as well as how to create and grow wealth for your family.

Our mission is to help educate our clients on the importance of financial planning. We work with people from all walks of life, helping them create a plan that is specific to their goals. Because financial planning is not a one size fits all, our individual plans are specifically created around the individual needs.  


Our Services 

Creating a Tailored Budget 

To help you maximize your spending power

 Proper Saving and Debt Strategies

To help you strategically plan out your goals

Credit Coaching

To teach you how to build & maintain your credit


Retirement Planning and Education Planning

Life Insurance/ Disability Insurance

"My Generation Will Help Close The Wealth Gap"
SM Planning LLC

Meet Sam

A Financial Coach that makes planning simple



Shakira "Sam" Moran, founder of SM Planning LLC, a financial coaching program that works with single moms, helping them to manage their finances to build a solid financial foundation.

As a single mom, Sam knows first-hand the challenges that some moms face when handling household finances, especially when it comes to planning, which is why she makes planning simple, by focusing on a 4-Step process:



2)Savings and debt repayment

3)Credit coaching 

4) Asset protection through insurance products

Author, of Amazon bestseller "The 4-Step Guide to Building your Financial Foundation" Sam is on a mission to help educate and empower those within her community on the importance of financial planning.



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The Journey Towards Financial Wholeness

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